A Letter of Commendation of Krazy Goat Socks

My name is Patrick, and I have had the distinct privilege of receiving Krazy Goat Socks, owned by Kristal and Glenn Spenrath. My wife bought me my first pair of medium-weight crew socks for me when she went to the Rodeo here in San Antonio. Having foot issues, I immediately took these socks, as they are soft, strong, durable, and very comfortable. I decided I needed more of these socks. I went online to purchase five more pairs. As many know, ordering online for clothes can be a very tricky business. I ordered what I thought were the same as my original pair. To my great dismay, I ordered the wrong size of socks. I really wanted to get the Krazy Goat Socks, but I couldn’t afford to buy five new pairs. I decided that my only chance was to contact Kristal. Kristal was very understanding of my situation. She had great phone etiquette, sounding caring and wanting to help me. Then, she made a decision that I didn’t expect: she was willing to trade the opened socks for the crew socks I was looking for. All I had to do was mail them back. In today’s world, it’s surprising she took them back at all. She took my bad situation and turned it around. I was so excited! I highly recommend Krazy Goat Socks to anyone that wants the best socks out there. They are made of goat hair, being extremely strong, yet comfortable. If you suffer from foot ailments, I definitely recommend these socks as they provide the support that is needed, but don’t choke off the circulation to the feet.

Very respectfully yours,
CPT Patrick L. (Ret)

three goats

I have worn the heavy-weight and medium-weight, over the calf socks, and the new light-weight mid-calf boot sock. I have worn them in the Texas heat, in the Artic cold and all in between. In these socks, your feet do not sweat, get hot, itch or stink. I have tried many socks over the years and none compare to the Krazy Goat Socks. You will not be disappointed with these socks! Even better, they are born in TEXAS and made in the USA!


Fibers Grown in Texas & Made in the USA

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